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January 24, 2021

It’s been almost a year since we became aware of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. We had no idea how it would impact us. As time went by and we began to be witness to the thousands of deaths from this deadly virus, our lives changed. We retreated into the safety of our homes. “Safer at Home” became our mantra. Months passed and more people died and we noticed that at home with family, while safe, began to feel limiting. We felt estranged from friends, from work, from church life, from groups we belong to. We became aware that freedom to dine at our favorite restaurants, or travel to places on our bucket list was no longer a safe option. The reality of COVID had taken the breath our of our sails.

Fast forward, a vaccine became available. Is it safe? Should I take it if it becomes available to me? What about my lingering malaise? What about my unexpected anxiety about reuniting with my out-of-the-home relationships? COVID fatigue is a real thing. I’ve listened to my patients talk about how isolated they feel, and some are reluctant to reconnect even with social distancing and face coverings. They are tired. They are exhausted from the hyper-alert safety measures they’ve put into their daily life. So, what now?

Re-entry into life after COVID will take time. Therapy can help with the dysphoria and anxiety. In the meantime, there is HOPE. There are vaccines that can protect us, but we must continue for now, to socially distance and wear our masks. Take care and be safe!